Our purpose is to empower our community to take control of their healthcare through data

We started in personalised medicine

We started our journey in 2018 planning to create personalised cannabinoid products for patients.

Over time, it became apparent that despite vast anecdotal data, the clinical evidence for the use of medical cannabis was missing.

But why is this the case? Why is research into cannabis so limited?

But healthcare research is broken

Sadly medical research has followed financial incentives rather than benefit to patients.

As a natural plant, cannabis offers no intellectual property to protect and therefore lacks the incentives of traditional research pathways and business models.

Multiple pharmacologically active plant compounds also increase the cost and complexity of scientific research.

Regulatory barriers, scientific and political institutional ignorance, and stigma have hampered research.

We fight for universal health rights

The challenges in medical cannabis are illustrative of deeper structural problems in many areas of medicine.

Only 10% of funding is devoted to the study and relief of diseases impacting 90% of the world population.

Women’s health, rare disease research, mental health, psychotropics, drug repurposing and many other areas all suffer from funding scarcity, lack of institutional focus, scientific ignorance, regulatory challenges and stigma.

Put patients in control of their health

We want to exponentially lower research costs in order to broaden access to healthcare.

We are attempting to solve some of the toughest issues in remote patient engagement and quality of life research.

We are building the world’s most trusted symptom and treatment monitoring tool, called Eva. Eva is an ally to anybody who wants to self-care.

Eva means “giver of life” and is free for all, forever.