Use Eva for innovative research projects or for remote patient safety monitoring

Use Eva for your research

At Alta Flora we provide a real-world, real-time research platform to answer questions that conventional methods cannot. We offer a novel approach to safety with a patient-led, remote monitoring platform.

Eva was created first and foremost to support patients—and this powers our research platform. We believe new opportunities lie in developing technology in partnership with patients instead of forcing it upon them.

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Academia and industry

We offer a low-cost way to conduct research involving real-world patient reported data. Eva has been developed in conjunction with patients so projects benefit from using technology designed with empathy for the end-user.

Eva supports patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), symptom diaries, validated Quality of Life tools and treatment monitoring.

Eva is designed to support patients beyond the end of any individual project which means we can offer completely new type of patient-powered data for pharmacovigilance and post-release monitoring.

Healthcare providers and regulators

We are creating tools for healthcare providers to leverage Eva for their services. By providing Eva for free for all we aim to create a new standard in health tracking technology.

We are building tools to support remote monitoring and patient safety at scale. Our aim is to ultimately offer a new source of information for regulators, especially for pharmacovigilance, and public health research.