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Symptom and medication monitoring made easy

Measure what matters

Track the symptoms which are most important to you, and let us help you find the best way to manage your medication.
Use this data to help you communicate with your doctor about your quality of life.

Our technology gives a voice to those who are not being heard

Solidarity with patients using data to challenge convention

We listen to patients


Healthcare systems are using technology to deliver better patient outcomes.
But the most revolutionary act in healthcare is still listening to the patient.
Above all, our services are designed with empathy.

Our tools support safe access to innovative treatments

Remote monitoring of patient safety at population scale

As prohibition ends, what next?


Novel, natural therapies emerging from prohibition – such as cannabis and psychedelic medicines – have the potential to address unmet patient needs in a cost-effective way.
We are building the tools to enable researchers, producers and clinicians better understand the benefits and risks for patients of these transformative medicines.